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I was never very good about documenting my day-to-day work. Here I attempt to capture some of my favorite projects that I have been involved with spanning 1978-2006. All of this time was spent at GE Corporate Research and Development (CRD)<ref>CRD's name was changed to GE Global Research Center in the early 2000's. Since it was called CRD for most of my career, I prefer CRD to GRC and use that throughout this document.</ref>. I've left out the ten years I spent at the Watervliet Arsenal Benet Weapons Laboratory. Not that those years were not significant in my career, but they served as a base for much of my GE career. For each project, I provide a reference if I could find it. But, for the most part, I rely on my recollections. I apologize to my colleagues if I have not presented all of the facts. Also, here, I try to avoid any negative aspects of the projects. All projects have good and bad parts, but I think little is to be learned from the negative. I began writing this during my last full year at GE Research and first year of retirement. I want to capture my thoughts while they are still relatively fresh. This is an exercise for me.

The order of the projects loosely follows my ordering of the impact that these projects have had on my career. I leave the impact of this work on GE and the rest of the world to others. Each section follows a similar pattern. What the project started, how it progressed, where it stands today and significant events.

Marching Cubes

Object Oriented Modeling

The Visualization Toolkit

The Insight Toolkit

Extreme Testing

The Visible Human Project



Virtual Endoscopy

Enhanced Reality