Lorensen Patents

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  1. US 7058210 Method and system for lung disease detection
  2. US 6631322 Method and apparatus for vehicle management
  3. US 6411919 Method and apparatus for generating cable occupancy volumes
  4. US 6463168 Apparatus and method for rapid connectivity processing of images
  5. US 6298148 Method of registering surfaces using curvature
  6. US 5900880 3-D surfaces generated from a list of cubic elements
  7. US 5821942 Ray Tracing Through An Ordered Array
  8. US 5740802 Computer Graphic And Live Video System For Of Body Structures During Surgery
  9. US 5682506 Method And System For Group Visualization Of Virtual Objects
  10. US 5611025 Virtual Internal Cavity Inspection System
  11. US 5542036 Implicit Modeling Of Swept Volumes And Swept Surfaces
  12. US 5514962 Oblique MR Image Controlled From A 3D Workstation Model
  13. US 5458126 Cardiac Functional Analysis System Employing Segmentation
  14. US 5433199 Cardiac Functional Analysis Method Using Gradient Image Segmentation
  15. US 5412563 Gradient Image Segmentation Method
  16. US 5365927 Magnetic Resonance Imaging System With Pointing Device
  17. US 5345490 Method And Apparatus For Converting Computed Data Into Finite Element Models
  18. US 5204625 Segmentation of stationary and vascular surfaces in magnetic resonance imaging
  19. US 5187658 System and Method for Segmenting Internal Within The Interior Region Of A Solid Object
  20. US 5166876 System and Method for Detecting Internal Within The Interior Region Of A Solid Object
  21. US 5146557 User Interface For A Golf Green And A Golf Putt Modeling System
  22. US 4984157 System and Method for Displaying Oblique Planar Of A Solid Body Using Tri-Linear Interpolation To Determine Pixel Position Dataes
  23. US 4879668 Method of Displaying Internal Surfaces of Medical Images
  24. US 4831528 Apparatus and Method for Improvement Of 3d From Tomographic Data
  25. US 4821213 System for the Simultaneous Display of Two or Surfaces within A Solid Object
  26. US 4791567 Three Dimensional Connectivity System Employing Schema For Determining Connected Substructures Within A Body
  27. US 4751643 Method and apparatus for determining connected substructures within a body
  28. US 4729098 System And Method Employing Nonlinear Interpolation Display Of Surface Structures Contained Within The Interior Region Of A Solid Body
  29. US 4719585 Dividing Cubes System and Method for the Display Structures Contained Within The Interior Region Of A Solid Body
  30. US 4710876 System and Method for the Display of Surface Within The Interior Region Of A Solid Body
  31. US 4525858 Method and Apparatus for Reconstruction of Surfaces from Interference Fringes