How the Draft Affected My Life

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In the Fall of 2018 I took the course "Short Short Story Bookcamp" offered at Capitola Community Center. The instructor, Victoria M.Johnson, is a professional writer and a filmmaker. One of the assignments was to write about a piece of mail that changed someone's life. I also took on the challenge to write a story in exactly 100 words. I have submitted this true story to

Letter From the President

The plan was to go to graduate school and become a professor. Graduate school deferments eliminated.

The next plan was to work at IBM or GE, offers in hand, but they did not give job deferments.

Next, work for the Army as a Research Mathematician. Married, a daughter and a new house. Job deferments eliminated.

1970 Draft Lottery number, 97 out of 366, based on birthdate. Those with number 195 and below called for induction.

Received the letter.

From; The President

You are hereby ordered for an Armed Forces Physical Examination.

Failed the physical, high blood pressure.

Life goes on.