April 1, 2018

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April 1, 2018

Great news.

Terri and I have been contacted by a producer from HTVG. She wants us to shoot a pilot for a home improvement show targeted to seniors on the move. I asked her how she found us and she said they used deep learning on Facebook and our name was selected from millions of seniors.  A tentative title for the show is Forever Seniors. The show will follow seniors moving from their longtime homes to their forever home. The show will include picking a location, a home, and the big move. There will be an advice section about how important it is to have at least 6 web cameras, hacks for python and C++ as well as suggestions to pet owners, given by Buddy. Terri will cover the interactions, both good and bad, between the spouses during this time of stress. 

Think of it as a cross between "Fixer Upper" and "A Dogs Purpose". Buddy will narrate each show giving his perspective on why humans act the way they do on and off camera. The pilot will be shot in Aptos, California. The first episode will be about our move from Ballston Lake to Aptos. 

Stay tuned for a showing date for the pilot, expected sometime near April 1, 2019. If all goes well we expect a BBC spin-off in 2020, hosted by Pete and Pat Warwick and their dog Poppy.